Death Toll from the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, aka Operation Protective Edge

last update by any of these sources: 07:46 17/Oct/2014 GMT

The Gaza Death Toll

Palestinians KilledIsraelis Killed
Source Total KilledCivilians KilledCombatants KilledUnidentified Killed Civilians KilledCombatants Killed Last Updated    
United Nations OCHA 2,2051,483 (67%)722 (33%) 5[8]66 17 Octobr[2]
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 2,1911,660 (76%)531 (24%) 16 September[3]
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights 2,168 28 August[6]
Gaza Health Ministry 2,133[7]— (100%?)— (?) 26 August[1]
Meir Amit Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center 1,552[10]480 (31%)467 (30%)605 (39%) 5[8]66 4 September[4]
Israel Defense Forces > 1,068 364 5 August[5]

[ Note that the Israeli sources stopped updating their Palestinian body counts once they removed their ground forces from Gaza, around 5 August 2014. ]

The Information Sources

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights A non-governmental organization based in the Jabalia Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.
Gaza Health Ministry Gaza is governed by a Hamas administration, led by Ismail Haniyeh. These are the official health ministry casualty numbers provided by that administration, via the Twitter account of their director of public relations and media
Israel Defense Forces The military forces of the state of Israel
Meir Amit Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center An Israeli-based independent research group with close ties to the Israel Defense Forces and the American Jewish Congress
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights An independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Gaza City, founded in 1995.
United Nations The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Occupied Palestinian Territory. Statistics overview based on their most recent report.

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